Applying for Your Dream Role: Rising Above the Noise

Applying for Your Dream Role: Rising Above the Noise

Sometimes, drafting a strong application can be the only difference between a call back and the sinking feeling of radio silence. Although, it is argued in many corners that everyone should receive a response, it is very difficult for recruiters to individually get back to every single applicant that expresses interest in an open role. Doing that will pretty much guarantee that no tangible work will be done.


We receive thousands of applications within only 2-week vacancy windows, imagine the turnout for month-long vacancies. From the elite to the new, the unqualified to the ones hoarding degrees en masse, virtually everyone turns up. We appreciate this overwhelming interest (I mean, who wouldn’t?). However, this should not deter you from sending in your resume. In fact, nothing should deter you from shooting your shot because you might just be that right person for the job.


So, let’s assume you see a job opening that speaks to you. You know within yourself that you will be the perfect fit for the role, and it is something right up your alley. The hard part is making an impression amongst thousands. So, here are a few tips to put in mind when applying for your dream role.


Do Some Research

Why would you even apply for a job without knowing anything about the company? The first thing you should always do is visit the company’s website and get familiar with their goals, objectives and culture. That way, your decision during other stages of application will be well-informed. We have had people come around for interviews without knowing a thing about us. (awwwkwarrrrrrddddd) It is not a good look.


Follow the Guidelines

Most vacancies have pre-set guidelines to applying. Hollaport for example requires you to download the app. To ensure that your application stands out, it is advisable to have a line or two in your CV regarding the App. Go through the guidelines and follow it to the letter. Little mistakes can dock you points.


Tailor Your CV

Every company has unique attributes. Your CV can never be ‘one size fits all’ and you need to make certain tweaks to make sure that you speak to the values of the company you’re applying at. Little things like buzzwords go a long way because the recruiter will know you did your homework. We like it when you do your homework, it’s always a plus.


Write a Cover Letter
It is necessary to have a cover letter. Never leave your email body blank. Doing that will leave the impression that you can’t be bothered to even communicate with us.

Writing a cover letter is not difficult, it isn’t rocket science either. You don’t have to be a prolific writer, just express yourself and make sure that you’re communicating.

Start with an introduction and mention the role you are applying for.
E.g. My name is Elon Musk and I write to apply for the CEO role at Tesla

Write a few sentences on why you are qualified for the job citing actual skills and experiences. Talk about what you can benefit from the role and how you’ll like to contribute. Add that your CV is attached to the email and finish with a call to action. ‘Please keep in touch’, ‘I will like to have a sitdown sometime’, ‘Please call me to continue the conversation’ etc.
Your cover letter should be 150 words or less. Brevity is the soul of wit.


After putting all these in mind. Go over your cover letter and CV again. Pay attention to detail, check for errors— grammatical, factual and the likes. Send your application and hope for the best. We hope for the best on your behalf as well. Let’s get it!

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