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Hollaport is a payment-in-messaging platform that brings together the best of both our social life and finances. Users can send and receive money, while also taking advantage of new and exciting chat features to connect and engage loved ones.


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Frequently asked questions

Need some help using Hollaport or do you have any questions? Here’s everything you need to know.
01 What is Hollaport?

Hollaport is the fastest way to send and receive payments online. At its core, Hollaport provides a stress-free way to pay debts, pay bills, receive payments and enjoy a generally improved mobile payments lifestyle. In a nutshell, Hollaport users enjoy seamless, faster online transactions with no hidden fees.

02 I did not get an OTP code while signing up

Apologies about that. Kindly wait 10 minutes then try again. If you still do not receive your OTP, we suggest you contact your network service provider to doublecheck and make sure that your ‘DND’ feature is not turned on. If you discover that it is turned on, we advise that you turn it off as it might be preventing you from receiving your OTP.

03 Can I create a group with my friends?

Yes. Groups can be created on Hollaport. Here’s how to do it – On your Hollaport dashboard, click on ‘messages’ at the bottom menu and the chat interface will come up. There, you’ll see features like Messages, Groups, and Channels. Click on ‘group’ then follow the prompts that come up after.

04 Can I thrift with Hollaport?

Yes, you can. Interestingly, the thrift function is one of the most unexplored features of the Hollaport App. Simply, create a group and add all the members involved in the thrift. From there, you can easily share and receive money amongst each other.

05 I’m having difficulties withdrawing money

We sincerely apologize for this inconvenience. Kindly send a message to our customer care representative and we will have the problem resolved immediately. We are available 24/7 and we respond as soon as we receive requests.

06 FAQ I can’t deposit money

Check to make sure your card is properly linked to your Hollaport wallet. Then try to make a deposit again. Also note that you can only deposit a maximum of N50,000 in your Hollaport wallet per day.

07 Is my bank card secure on Hollaport?

Yes. We take your bank details very seriously and ensure maximum security by using a premium third-party service to process payments. The third-party platform completely encrypts customer information to maintain anonymity across all boards. No one, not even us can see your data.

08 Are my chats private?

Absolutely. All your chats on Hollaport are encrypted and we are unable to see it at the backend. In essence, your conversation remains exclusively ‘your conversation’.

09 I want to speak to customer support

Please contact our support team at any time by calling 09060006759. Or send us an email on

10 How Hollaport can help you stay connected during the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic?

With Hollaport, you can connect with those who matter most, make payments faster, and get things done. Below are some ways you can use Hollaport to look after friends and family, stay updated with the latest official health information, and share information responsibly with your peers. If you’re new to Hollaport or just need a refresher, here’s a step-by-step guide on getting started.

Connect remotely

Use Hollaport features like messaging and groups to chat and stay connected while providing support to loved ones regardless of how far away they are from you.

Send funds and pay bills remotely

Limit the number of trips you make outside your home by making use of Hollaport for remote transactions. Hollaport makes it convenient for you to pay utility bills, buy airtime, perform card-less withdrawals at ATMs, and send funds to loved ones.

Local businesses

If you have a business, encourage your customers and clients to use Hollaport to connect with you, and close transactions seamlessly without physical contact.

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