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Hollaport is a payment-in-messaging platform that brings together the best of both our social life and finances. Users can send and receive money, while also taking advantage of new and exciting chat features to connect and engage loved ones.


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What’s Your Lifestyle?

What’s Your Lifestyle?

Make all major cash transactions in one place.
Send money faster, make online transactions quicker,
and schedule and pay your bills with
the new Hollaport mobile app.
Hollaport helps you connect with peers, pay bills and move money around.

Redefine Your Lifestyle

A premium mobile payment service with cutting-edge social features. Send money directly to phone numbers and make card-less cash withdrawals on ATMs instantly. No bank account needed! Hollaport account holders can make online payments quicker, transfer money faster, pay bills on time and chat with peers.

What you can do with Hollaport

Instant Messaging

Connect and stay in touch with loved ones with Hollaport’s instant messaging interface simply by adding their phone number to your contact list.

Share Moments

Send recordings, documents, voice notes, transaction receipts, QR codes, and all kinds of files with your contacts.

Send and Receive Money

Your Hollaport wallet is the gateway to easy cash transactions. End trips to the bank and move funds faster with the pay code feature.

Integrated Interface

Switch screens and features seamlessly and easily with no hassle. The transition from chatting to finances is so smooth, you wouldn’t know the difference!

Pay Bills and Utility

Cable TV, electricity, online transfers, mobile and other bills payments just got easier and faster. Pay with one tap on your mobile phone from anywhere in the world.

Buy Airtime

Instantly buy airtime from any network or top up a friend’s phone with the Hollaport mobile app.

QR Codes

Make instant payments using the Hollaport convenient QR feature. Generate QR codes for mobile payments, or make card-less cash withdrawals instantly on ATMs near you.

Do More

The ultimate cash app for your lifestyle. Scan to pay, mobile payments, faster online transactions, card-less atm cash withdrawals, instant messaging and more, faster, with Hollaport mobile payment technology. The new lifestyle partner you can trust from now on.

Mobile App

Available on the Android and iOS stores.

Web App

Coming soon to Hollaport


Withdraw cash without an ATM card


Premium Mobile Payment Service

Seamless online transactions, move funds faster online with the latest mobile payment technology. Features a responsive design to help you chat, send/receive money, perform card-less ATM transactions, pay bills, top up your phone… All in one mobile app


This is my first time to use Hollaport and my cousin got the money safely and I like the fact that they notify me that the transaction has been processed--gives me peace of mind



I have sent thousands of naira with no problems. They have delivered my money to many friends and contacts in Nigeria and no problems encountered so far. Hollaport has been very honest and secure.

Mr. Olanrewaju Ojo


With Hollaport it's easy, it's fast & foremost it's convenient!!!



I just find it more convenient, just a click from my mobile phone and I can easily send money to my children in the university of Uyo without hassle and at no cost

Mrs. Catherine Okon

Need help using the App?

Hollaport was developed by a team of professionals who put time and care into ensuring that the product is unique and market-ready. Our wallets are secure and easy to operate, the instant messaging features can be grasped within seconds as well.